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Principal Desk


As a Principal I aspire multi-dimensional growth of the students/ learners in the field of social, economic and cultural sector through providing education in such a formative way so that each one of them may enjoy ones life in his own way without causing harm to others. I feel and affirm that the educator is a torch bearer to those living in dark. But the educator must be brave enough not to provide the assistance for a larger period otherwise instead it can be harmful to the learners. The final objective of the education, in my experience to realize your absolute identity which is also known as spirituality. Spirituality can not be achieved it is, in fact, embedded in you as eternally as stars in the sky. So do not endeavor to be spiritual as unfortunately almost we all do. The moment we drop the intention of achievement the moment we enjoy and realize spirituality.
Today I, like you all; see around us rivalries distrust and resentment between man to man, family to family, caste to caste, state to state, nation to nation and surprisingly above all religion to religion. I realize, if we have so much intense feeling of separation then it is quite obvious we are lacking proper education. Education doesn’t unite the people but let them realize of unity by nature. The real education breaks all barriers and boundaries and brings down the disputes and differences automatically, as the shadows follow when we walk. The education eliminates our physiological limitation and prejudices by which unfortunately we all are confined to.
The personality and behavior we have today have been adopted from out side whereas the real personality and behavior come from within one selves but only when we are true to what we say and do and what we look for.
Concluding I firmly assert on the basis of my experiences and realization that the true education brings about happiness, cheerfulness and removes all sorrow and anxiety from ones lives. That kind of education I precisely feel to impart to the children and the whole people of the world. I like to conclude with the following line.