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Guidelines To Parents

  • Mere admissions of your children is not the end of your responsibility.Your children stay at school for about 6 hours only on school days,so you must observe as to what they do during the remaining hours of the day at home.
  • You must ensure regular presence of your children in the school and study for 3 hours at home and keep good company.
  • You must ensure all the books,note books,diary etc. in the school bag of the child leaving for the school.
  • Avoid giving too much of pocket money to your children.
  • Don’t detain your child at home for petty reasons as “A school day lost is lost forever”.
  • Address all your requests,complaints or suggestions to the Principal only.
  • Regular 8 days absence of your child without informing the school authority will be a cause of dismissal of your children from the school.
  • After the final assembly, the conduct and safety of your children outside the school premise will be your responsibility.
  • Always look into your children’s school diary to know the latest instructions issued.
  • Success of your children depends on the collective effort of the parents and the teachers.
  • You are expected for healthy and positive suggestions with great pleasure..
  • Parents are advised to remit the student’s fee by 8th of every month failing which Rs. 2 per day fine will be charged.If the fee is not remitted for 2 consecutive months, the student’s name will automatically be struck-off. For re-admission Rs. 250/- will be charged in addition.
  • Any Student will not be permitted to leave the school premise during school hours unless there is an emergency.
  • Parents can meet their children during school hours only of permission is granted by the Principal/PRO and informed the school 1 hour prior to meeting.
  • Parents are advised to attempt PTA meet regularly so as to keep you update of the learner’s status.

Your cooperation will help us build the better future for the children.